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Taking movies from script to screen.

Whether it’s the small screen or big screen, a series for TV or a film, Filmray can guide you through all aspects of writing and development, packaging the talent, finding the money, production, post-production and distribution.  

  • Source and advise on film finance (debt in all shades, equity in all shades), single picture to slate financing, private equity, film incentives in all shades, co-productions and/or studio co-financing.
  • Source and advise on Prints & Advertising finance for theatrical releases in the United States.
  • Source strategic investors and principal capital for media and entertainment related companies
  • Source and advise on opportunistic deals for banks and financial institutions specialized in media technology, entertainment and international media.
  • All related business and financial analyses

Development: Inherent to film finance is the need to put together a package that is financeable – a package is a group of elements that has inherent collateral value – a director, cast, a high-profile writer or producer… Putting together the package is the development process.

Production: Inherent to film finance is the ability to put together a budget and production team that aligns with the finance available and then go out and make the film. This is the production process.

Filmray can guide prospective financiers and filmmakers through the nuances of the development and production process.

Filmray has over 30 years of experience in the selling and distribution of several hundred films. Filmray can guide prospective financiers and filmmakers through the nuances of the sales and distribution process.


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