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FilmRay is a consulting company with one goal - help bring movies to the screen.

Filmray evolved as a response to a film business which has been going through a radical transformation since the 80s. This transformation started with the advent of video and cable TV and continues now with the increasing ubiquity of digitally controlled distribution platforms connecting the largest 3D IMAX screens to the tiniest little smartphone and every tablet, TV, video billboard, etc that exists in between.

In the process, the role of the studio distributor has become increasingly relegated to the rarefied air of servicing tentpole films with budgets of $100+ million. For movies tied to the world we live in with budgets ranging from $1 million to $60 million – it is a brave new world populated by a cultural, financial mishmash of mold shattering OTT platforms, anxious sales agents and distributors, sluggish film traditionalists, technologists, dreamers, high finance and brands.

FilmRay assists in the development, production and distribution of the financiers and filmmakers trying to navigate in this brave new world.

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